Use Best WordPress Plug-Ins For Your WordPress Blog

There are several blogging platforms to work with, but some how WordPress seems to be the trend of the time. Generally people go for something that is multi purpose, and the easiest way to blogging. Here are some of the benefits of using this software:

1. Easy to install.
Once you have best hosting account and domain, installing is easy, with the help of Fantastico. It is just a few clicks away.

2. A lot of templates.
You have almost unlimited templates to choose from for your WordPress blog. You get three templates at installation and you can switch between them, or download other themes that are available for WordPress.

3. Customizable themes.
After choosing the basic themes you can change them to your requirements. Buy customizable themes for an elite presentation.

4. Easy organization:
All the templates include pages links feed and widgets. This makes it more organized and easy to navigate.

5. Monetization
It is the best way to make money. It has a plug-in for adding shopping card and all other important features that will make it easy for you to sell products direct from your blog.

6. Plug-ins:
It has a great choice of plug-ins. You have so many to choose from that it is very hard to select some to start. These make blogging very easy as these automate every thing that you want to do. However, you have to plan and depending on your activity choose the plug-ins that you will need the most.

Here is a list of some of these:

1. All in one SEO pack:
This is extremely popular and almost every blog uses this plug-in.

2. Spam Free:
WordPress have a few plug-ins that do this job. Currently the most popular and used by too many people is Grow-map Anti-spam bot. Once you download this, the visitor has to mark a box saying that this person is not a spammer. Works good and saves your blog with all the spam.

3. WordPress back up:

This is also popular for emergency security. In case you have an accident and lose all your contents, the auto back up blog in the zip folder will over take and display all contents.

4. Google analytics with java script:
Google analytics WordPress tracks your traffic for every page of your blog and helps you to take care of unwanted elements on your blog.

5. SEO friendly images;
It automatically adds title attributes to all your images, improves traffic for Search engines.

6. Twitter for WordPress:

It helps you to use twitter tools to connect with twitter right from your blog by displaying your latest tweets.

Along with the above mentioned plug-ins, Do follow/No follow, Comment Luv, WordPress video, WordPress software shopping cart, WordPress ad sense manager, and Add to any are also commonly used by WordPress blog users.